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What Is The Purpose of the Smart Safety Program?

The purpose of the Smart Safety Program is to motivate employees, using incentives, to modify their behavior and work as a team to improve safety or other targeted behaviors. This motivational approach works because it targets employees self interest (monetary rewards) while creating an atmosphere, which unites everyone toward a common goal.

Why Does the Smart Safety Program Work So Well?

The Smart Safety Game is played in teams. Team work grows as each person realizes that the way to preserve the ever-growing jackpot of money, is to watch out for each other and work together to reduce the possibility of being hurt. Peer group pressure, to follow safe work practices, is created. More importantly, the individual who was likely to have the ocassinal "backache" in order to get a couple of days off, will be reluctant to do so when his co-workers are anticipating a jackpot winning.

Individual recognition plays a big part in changing work behavior patterns when participating in Smart Safety Programs. Jackpot winner’s names are prominently displayed for all coworkers to see. Workers enjoy the positive recognition when they are a winner. Like wise, recent work loss accidents are prominently posted. Workers dislike this negative recognition. The posting of recent accidents is a strong motivator in keeping workers from claiming frivolous injuries. The persons name or only a short accident description, including the time and place, can be posted, at your discretion.

How is the Smart Safety Program Used When The Work Force Is Large Or In Multiple Locations?

The Smart Safety Program works best when you target a specific group of coworkers who have regular working interactions. This will create group empowerment to promote safe work habits and make disloyal or careless acts socially unacceptable. One Smart Safety Program administrator can control numerous games. This eliminates the need to have a game kit for each location where the game is being played. Independent games can be played for each location, shift, or department, all being controlled from a central site. Or, each site, with access to the Internet, can run their own game. Smart Safety Programs are the only game of its kind that offers the ability to run and monitor multiple games from one location. Your origination will determine how we set up locations, zones, sites, districts, ect.

What Other Behavioral Changing Features can Be Incorporated Into the Smart Safety Program?

An individual's odds of winning will increase when he plays with more than one card. Bonus cards can be awarded for desirable behavior like: perfect attendance, punctuality, safety suggestions, scrap savings, or customer acknowledgements. Reward employees for bringing positive changes to the work place and recognize them for doing so. We show a special column for bonus card winnings on the printed winners log. Employees quickly see the odds of winning are better with bonus cards.

Are the Smart Safety Program Games Gambling?

Gambling is defined a putting some amount of consideration, usually money, “at risk”. Smart Safety Programs require employees to but nothing “at risk”. Therefore; it can be in no way considered gambling. The employee’s only obligation is to put forth their best effort to avoid job related accidents.

Won’t the Smart Safety Program Encourage Employees Not to Report Injuries?

The Smart Safety Program must be presented to employees in a manner that it is clearly understood that the management is in no way encouraging workers not to report legitimate accidents. It is recommended that, in the game rules it is clear, that only a work loss accident causes the jackpot to be reset to the beginning level. It is expected that accidents will happen, and management requires employees to receive proper medical care when needed. It could be stated that any employee who does not report an injury will be restricted from participating in future games or other disciplinary actions.When you set your maximum jackpot, don’t set it so high that it may motivate a misguided employee to hide a legitimate injury or accident.



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